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Condolences To Family Of Rev. Dr. Robert G. Johnson, Last American Baptist Missionary To Chin Hills

23 June 2009: The Chin people across the world sent their deepest condolences and sympathies to family of the last American Baptist missionary to the Chin Hills, Rev. Dr. Robert G. Johnson, 94, who died of complications from pneumonia at the Health Centre of Plymouth Village, Redlands, California on 9 June 2009.

CNF: Work Underway to Rid of Landmine Stockpiles

18 June 2009: Serious work is now underway to destroy the last of anti-personnel landmine stockpiles by the Chin National Front and its armed wing Chin National Army, Dr. Sui Khar, CNF's Joint General Secretary (I) told a meeting of signatories to the Geneva Call this week in Geneva. Geneva Call is an international humanitarian organization which engages armed non-State actors (NSAs) to respect humanitarian norms and to rid of anti-personnel (AP) mines.

Immigration Crackdown Continues in Mizoram

17 June 2009: In an ongoing immigration crackdown, Mizoram police continues to hunt and arrest 'foreigners' on a daily basis since the beginning of this month, according to sources in Aizawl. At least five to ten people are being arrested each day, one local resident reported, adding that those arrested are kept in police lock-ups and produced to the Aizawl District Court when there are enough numbers.

ENC: SPDC To Stop Repression And Start Tripartite Dialogue

15 June, 2009: Consistently advocating for a peaceful resolution of political conflict through a meaningful dialogue, the Ethnic Nationalities Council (Union of Burma) once again urged Burma's SPDC to end its repressive activities against its own people which has been going on for years and to start a tripartite dialogue with a clear goal to solve Burma's current crisis.
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